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International Luggage Shipping to Belgium

Ship luggage internationally with Luggage shipping company from the UK to Belgium.

Luggage delivery services: Luggage sending services like Excess Luggage, Luggage shipping UK and baggage Moving company specialise in shipping luggage internationally. Our prices are lower than those of couriers and airlines. Additionally, we offer assistance with packing for large items when moving from the UK to Belgium.

Airlines: Some airlines offer luggage delivery services within their own network. This is a good choice if you are flying with the same airline and want to bring your luggage with you. Most airlines have lower check-in baggage limits. However, it is important to check the airline's baggage policy carefully, as there may be weight and size restrictions.

Delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL can deliver your luggage to your doorstep. However, it is important to note that certain countries may have personal effects customs processes restrictions. However, these can be very expensive, especially for long-distance shipping.


Sending luggage to Belgium

Dispatching suitcases / Luggage / boxes / Bags to Belgium, Transporting luggage to Europe; Belgium, Require luggage transport services to Belgium? We offer Door to Door baggage delivery services to most of the major cities in Belgium. Dispatch Luggage from London to Belgium with us, we are a part of Excess Luggage Shipping Company UK.

Dispatch Luggage from London to Belgium

Send luggage to Belgium in europe with Excess Luggage UK from London. We offer cheap and convenient door-to-door luggage transportation from Greater London. You can travel luggage-free and stress-free, when you dispatch luggage to Europe with us. Our Door to Door luggage service, pick up and deliver to most destinations in Europe.

Forward your luggage, bags in advance from London to &&& using Luggage transport service and evade airlines excess baggage fees. We have been transporting Suitcases Abroad‎ filled with Clothes, Dresses, Shirts, Books, Shoes and other Personal Items.


Luggage Delivery from UK to Belgium

Looking to transport luggage from London to Belgium? We are a premier luggage shipping service to Belgium.

We offer door-to-door delivery of your extra or surplus luggage from London to any location in Belgium. We handle luggage, excess baggage, suitcases, and boxes. Our service delivers your extra bags to Belgium in Europe, helping you avoid paying extra fees for baggage on the plane. We will organise the collection of your luggage, baggage, suitcases, and boxes from your London address and ensure door-to-door delivery to Belgium.

Travel light! Choose our "No Baggage" option for a stress-free shipping service. Save your time with our efficient service.

London Luggage Delivery Company to Belgium / international Luggage delivery service form teh United Kingdom.

Contact Excess Luggage Group to send your bags from London to Belgium with our delivery service, started in 2001. Contact us toll-free at TEL: 0800 096 38 39.

Get a free quote for shipping your luggage from London to Belgium. Click here to ship your luggage internationally.

Transporting Luggage from London to Belgium

Transporting luggage from London to Europe is a breeze with our services. We, at Luggage Shipping London, treat our customers' belongings as if they were our own. All luggage, boxes, and suitcases are handled with utmost care.

We have packing boxes for moving and shipping personal items to Europe. We offer small and large boxes for moving and shipping personal items to Europe. These boxes are available at an additional cost. Customers with more than 5/6 items or those who want to make small moves within Europe can purchase them.

No need to worry about safety. Our service will safely deliver your luggage to your location in Belgium. Dispatch luggage from London to Belgium.

To Transport Luggage from London to Belgium: dial 020 8577 0033

Forward Luggage from UK to Belgium/ Transporting Luggage in Advance

Ever pondered on how to forward luggage to your destination? Excess Luggage UK helps you send your bags to Belgium and makes moving from the UK to Belgium easy and peaceful. London's luggage delivery service can transport luggage in advance for you to collect at your residence or hotel.


International Student Relocation Services to Belgium / Global Student Moving Service

Are you an international student in the UK who has recently completed your studies and is planning to return home? We can help you move your books, clothes, and personal belongings from London to Belgium with our student shipping service. We offer student relocation services from London to Belgium, student luggage transportation to Belgium, and student luggage courier services to Belgium.

Luggage Shipment Services from London / UK to Belgium / Luggage Shipment Provider

Excess Luggage Company offers specialized international luggage shipment services to Belgium from London.

Why not forward your bags in advance? We handle both small and large luggage shipments to Belgium. We offer luggage shipping services from the UK to hotels in Belgium.


We can deliver your luggage to your hotel in Belgium. We transport bags, boxes, and suitcases as a luggage forwarding service. We also provide daily services for forwarding personal belongings to Belgium. We even offer weekend collections of your luggage in the London area. We are a luggage forwarding company serving Belgium.

Transport Luggage from Belgium to UK/ London - Baggage/Suitcases to United Kingdom

Transport your luggage from Belgium to London. Need to send your surplus or extra baggage from Belgium to London, UK?

We provide Luggage Import services from Belgium to the UK via our Baggage relocation service from Belgium to the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland). This can help you save time, money, and unnecessary stress. All we ask is that you pack your belongings into Boxes, Suitcases, or Luggage and prepare it for transport back to the UK.


Ensure that you do not include any items prohibited by UK Customs. Please be aware that we are unable to transport any dangerous Hazardous goods such as (Lithium batteries, body sprays, and perfumes).

Luggage Transportation to Belgium

Are you planning to travel without the burden of luggage and wondering how to transport your belongings to Europe? We provide an excess baggage shipping service that offers overnight delivery to Europe through our express gold services.

Excess Luggage Company in London has been facilitating the process of sending bags to Belgium. Sending luggage ahead to Belgium with us is a breeze. Enjoy a luggage-free journey by contacting our customer services.


Dispatching Luggage, Suitcases Overseas

Request a quote for dispatching luggage abroad to Belgium. We facilitate the process of sending luggage to Belgium, shipping luggage overseas to Belgium, and dispatching suitcases to Belgium.


Dispatch, Transport Luggage, Baggage, Bag, Suitcases from Belgium to London (GB)Send your extra luggage from Belgium to the UK with our luggage import service. We can transport your additional bags and suitcases from Belgium to London. Contact us for a quote on forwarding luggage from Belgium to Great Britain. We also offer services for sending luggage overseas from Belgium to London.

We are a London-based luggage moving company that provides excess baggage shipping services from Belgium. We assist individuals in relocating from Belgium to the UK.


Ship your luggage back to London with Excess Luggage Company. We also ship luggage to England, Scotland, and Wales. To arrange for luggage shipping from Belgium to the UK, call us at +44 208 577 00 33.

Choose Excess Luggage for all your personal belongings collection needs across London. Reach us at 0208 577 00 33.

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Click on the button to see details about your preferred city

Click on the button to see details about your preferred city

Click on the button to see details about your preferred city

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