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Shipping Luggage to Australia; Luggage Shipping to Australia

You have Excess Baggage to Australia, Shipping luggage to Australia with us allows you to out smart, skip the airline baggage claim carousels belts and save on airlines excess baggage charges. By Shipping luggage with Excess Luggage delivery service your suitcase, suitcases, Luggage, Baggage, Bag, Bags, Carton, Cartons, Box, Boxes you can save money. Ship your Excess Baggage, luggage overseas with Luggage shipping company. Stress free baggage, luggage moving service to Australia; ship your bags containing Personal Belongings, golf clubs in bags, skis, snowboards, cycles and bikes in boxes. Students seeking student shipping services to ** for personal stuff, belongings and books can use our Student luggage shipping services for students moving to and from university.


Luggage shipping to Australia:  shipping Luggage Australia

Do require overseas luggage shipping to Australia?  Our UK Luggage Shipping services to Australia can provide shipping luggage service for Extra or Excess Luggage to Australia. We have been shipping Luggage to Australia since 2001. Our overseas, international luggage shipping service to Australia, can ship, transport luggage overseas from UK, England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland at a cost effective method providing you low cost luggage shipping services to Australia.


Shipping luggage internationally; International Shipping to Australia

International Shipping service to Australia Shipping Luggage Internationally from UK, Excess Luggage shipping company specializing in overseas, worldwide baggage, Luggage shipping from UK, Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Greater London, North London, East London, South London, West London, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Swindon  to Australia. We have helped many people relocate from the UK seeking International Luggage shipping solutions. Shipping Luggage from the UK is quote easy with us please contact our Luggage shipping customer help Line.


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Luggage Shipping Service shipping luggage from London to Australia

Shipping Luggage services available from London,Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Greater London, North London, East London, South London, West London, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Swindon for sending luggage abroad to Australia, our luggage forwarding services from the UK to Australia are designed to help you with shipping of Excess Luggage. We can ship suitcases, Bag’s, boxes’ full of clothing, books and personal belonging, personal effects to Australia.


Shipping luggage from UK to Australia

If you’re planning to ship luggage from UK to Australia, we can collect your luggage for shipping to Australia from your Door in the UK and Deliver it as per your service requirements. We offer Door to door Luggage shipping to many destinations around the world, but they are subject to local arrival customs regulations. We also offer Shipping Luggage from door UK to Arrival airport for you to come collect and clear through customs where door to door services are not available.


Freight Luggage Shipping; Cargo Luggage shipping service to Australia

Air Freight Luggage Shipping, Air Cargo Luggage shipping as unaccompanied Luggage shipping from UK, we can send your extra or additional Luggage, Excess Baggage, Bag, Bags, Suitcase, Suitcases, Carton, Cartons, Box, Boxes via our Unaccompanied baggage shipping, Luggage moving  services to Australia by Airfreight, air cargo, Sea shipping and road freight subject to service availability.


Luggage Transport Service to Australia

Transport Luggage, Shipping Luggage, Sending Luggage Abroad, Luggage Transport Services are many of your traits including shipping excess luggage overseas. Why not travel light to your destination in Australia, hassle free Shipping, suitcases, boxes,  ship Luggage Ahead with Excess Luggage shipping company to Australia. Send Luggage before you travel, by the way we can even send luggage to you if you have already left the UK.  We can collect your luggage for shipping from Homes, Hotels, business addresses and storage facilities in the UK Overseas Luggage transport service to you.


How to send Luggage or Ship Luggage Ahead with luggage shipping company.


Please note we cannot accept Laptops, handheld Tablets, Mobile Phones or any other item containing a lithium ion battery in your Luggage for shipping, delivery from UK to Australia. The declared customs value for the entire shipment should not exceed A$1000 (c. £500, $750, €700). Shipments with values above A$1000 are more likely to be stopped and inspected by customs which may cause clearance delays.


UK Luggage shipping company to Australia


For shipping luggage, personal effects from UK  to  Australia , we require a full detailed, valued packing list of the unaccompanied, personal effects, extra luggage being shipped and a photo copy of the shipper’s passport.

Luggage being shipped must contain Personal effects, belonging of the personal that is travelling or has travelled from the UK within three months of departure. Luggage shipped, Excess luggage shipping, Personal effects are only permitted only for persons traveling. If the shipper is not traveling then the goods being sent will be classified as commercial goods, which can be liable to Duties & Taxes upon arrival in the country. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. Excess Luggage rates do not include some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, Duties & Taxes if applicable upon arrival. Which vary according to destination. Please be aware that quarantine and inspections fees will also apply and timescale for delivery averages 5 – 10 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:


1.            Copy of Travellers passport page with photograph.

2.            Copies of any visa’s or work permits

3.            A detailed packing list

4.            An original, completed unaccompanied Luggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveler / owner of the goods.


When sending Luggage to Australia, please check that you have not packed any prohibited items including dangerous goods into your luggage.