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Luggage Shipping UK to Zambia


Shipping your Belonging abroad ? Do require overseas International luggage shipping UK to ***; Lusaka, Ndola ?  Our Excess Baggge & Luggage shipping service to Zambia is easy, hassle free and your luggage will arrive safely, securely in to Zambia from UK ( United Kingdom, Great Britain) . Excess Baggage and Excess luggage shipping services to Zambia are provided by leading luggage moving company, Excess Luggage UK. are you shipping excess baggage to Zambia from London, Manchester, Birmingham or any other cities from within the United Kingdom. we can assit you to move your luggage overseas to Luggage shipping service to Zambia .


Ship your luggage to Luggage shipping service to Zambia with us we have been shipping luggage to Luggage shipping service to Zambia since 2001, We can ship luggage, suitcase’s, Bag’s, boxes’ full of clothing, books and personal belonging, personal effects,  we have weekly flight option for shipping luggage ahead to Luggage shipping service to Zambia from UK.  UK based international luggage shipping service to Luggage shipping service to Zambia  from London, Manchester Airports. Luggage-Shipping,  Air Cargo your Luggage with us  for shipping as unaccompanied Luggage from UK , we can send your extra or additional Luggage, Baggage, Bag, Bags, Suitcase, Suitcases, Carton, Cartons, Box, Boxes via our Unaccompanied baggage shipping services to Luggage shipping service to Zambia  Luggage moving  services by Airfreight, air cargo shipping to Luggage shipping service to Zambia .


Luggage shipping Service to Zambia 


Wish to ship luggage from Uk to Luggage shipping service to Zambia? why not Cargo luggage from GB on our Luggage Shipping Service to Luggage shipping service to Zambia (Lusaka, Ndola)  Shipping UK to Luggage shipping service to Zambia services from London depot can ship to most major airports in Luggage shipping service to Zambia. Excess Luggage company shipping service UK to Luggage shipping service to Zambia can help you move your extra luggage on our luggage shipping service to Luggage shipping service to Zambia , helping you export all of your personal possessions from GB to Luggage shipping service to Zambia, UK to Luggage shipping service to Zambia luggage & baggage shipping services.


Luggage Shipping Company to Zambia


Luggage shipping Company to Zambia understand that when travelling with Excess baggage, Luggage this can sometimes be very difficult, costly process. This is true if you have a large amount of excess baggage. That is why we offer luggage shipping to Zambia from UK. By shipping luggage ahead with us you can avoid airlines check-in queues as well as save money on air excess charges to Luggage shipping service to Zambia your luggage will arrive to your destination airport. Luggage shipping services to Zambia are a great option if you have extra, larger luggage then the airlines will not accept. Excess Luggage UK makes luggage-moving to Luggage shipping service to Zambia easy, safe and convenient for shipping from Door to arrival Airport.


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we can send your luggage, Baggage, extra suitcases from London, UK to Zambia securely. so send luggage to Zambia with a reputable shipping company to Zambia, Lusaka, Ndola like ours. don't cut corners and remember these are your Personal belonging. There are lots of cheap shipping options out there what happens when they lose your luggage ?  what will Happen Then ?.  always use a reliable established shipping company like ours with proven track record for shipping to Zambia. call our customer services to send your luggage to Zambia safely and Securely.



International luggage shipping to Zambia


International Luggage shipping Zambia We have helped many people relocate from the UK seeking International Luggage-shipping solutions.  Shipping Luggage Internationally, Excess Luggage shipping company specializing in overseas, worldwide baggage, Luggage shipping from UK, GB:- Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Greater London, North London, East London, South London, West London, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Swindon to Zambia Fsudan Shipping Luggage from the UK is very easy with us please contact our Luggage shipping customer help Line. Our overseas, international luggage shipping service can ship, transport luggage overseas from UK,GB England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland at a cost effective method providing you low cost luggage shipping services to Zambia.


Shipping luggage from Uk to Zambia


If you’re planning to ship luggage from UK to Zambia we can collect your luggage for shipping to Zambia( Lusaka, Ndola ) from your Door in the UK and Deliver it as per your service requirements. We offer Door to airport and door door Luggage shipping to many destinations across the Globe, but they are subject to local arrival customs regulations.



Unaccompanied Luggage Shipping to Zambia: How it Works


This is how to ship luggage to Zambia . We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of shipping services to Zambia at affordable prices. Baggage shipping is easy with us to Zambia. In order to make sure that the luggage is shipped to Zambia safe and sound, we would request a few things you bear in mind when packing luggage for shipping to Zambia .


Unaccompanied Luggage being shipped must contain Personal belongings, effects, items of the person who is travelling or has travelled from the UK within three months of departure. Luggage shipping service will accept Personal effects for persons traveling to Zambia If the shipper is not traveling then the goods being sent will be classified as commercial goods, which can mean that upon arrival in  they may be liable to Duties & Taxes upon arrival in the country. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. Excess Luggage rates do not include any local charges which may be related agency fees, airline handling, storage or customs clearance charges.


Please note we cannot accept Perishable foods, Perfumes, Deodorants Spray, Nail Varnishes, Lithium ion Batteries, Hazardous or Flammable goods within your luggage.


This can vary according to destination. Please be aware that there may be quarantine and inspections fees will also applicable. Luggage shipping timescale for Luggage delivery averages 5 – 10 working days subject to service taken. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:


1.         Copy of Travellers passport page with photograph.

2.         Copies of any visa’s or work permits

3.         A detailed packing list

4.         An original, completed unaccompanied Luggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveller / owner of the goods.



How to Ship Luggage to Zambia from UK



How to ship luggage  to Zambia .  from UK, pack your luggage, suitcase, boxes as you would normally for travel but this time make a packing list with the exclusion of packing Perishable foods, Perfumes, Deodorants Spray, Nail Varnishes, Lithium ion Batteries, Dangerous items, Hazardous or Flammable goods as stated in your airline ticket for shipping within your luggage. Then call / contact Excess Luggage shipping Company based near Heathrow airport, Hounslow, London.


Once you are happy with your quotation and ready to proceed with the booking for shipping to Zambia . we will arrange a Luggage shipping contract for you to complete and return back to us for collection of your luggage from your door for shipping. Your Luggage then goes thorough security X-ray clearnace and is then booked with the airline for shipping via airfreight as unaccompanied Luggage to Zambia . Once we have confirm your luggage on-board aircraft, we will thereafter email you full flight information and local contact details in f for you to contact and arragne collection and clearnace of your Luggage upon arrival.

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