Excess Baggage Shipping: How to Save Money on Excess Baggage


Don't overstuff your luggage and pay more. Consider excess baggage shipping, instead. 

Excess Baggage shipping


According to statistics, US-based airlines collected over $4.5 billion in baggage fees just in 2017 alone. If you are a frequent flyer, you are probably spending way too much in baggage fees and should learn more about the benefits of excess baggage shipping. 


Nothing kills the vacation spirit like unnecessary excess baggage fees and paying large sums of money to multi-billion dollar airline companies. It just feels like robbery.


So how do you travel without having to eliminate your favourite items? The last thing you want to do is minimize your belongings and skip packing your favourite shoes to avoid a hefty overweight baggage fee.


That's where the awesome benefits of excess baggage shipping come in. You can now ship all your favourite items across the world with you, without having to break the bank! 


Keep on reading to learn more about excess baggage shipping, and how it can help you travel more affordable.


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What exactly is Unaccompanied Baggage?


Excess baggage shipping, aka unaccompanied baggage, means that your luggage does not travel on the same flight as you. It is a way to save money on excess baggage fees, and still receive your luggage at your next destination, stress-free!


How You Save Money


If you look at the cost of baggage fees with most low cost airlines, you will probably be paying anywhere from £95 for each bag. Then adding in overweight baggage fees, you are will be paying around £10-£20 per kilogram extra. most major airlines will charge you around £29 Per kilo.. expample 10kg of excess will cost around £290.00 per bag.


With unaccompanied baggage, you only pay a small amount, which is considerably lower than normal cargo rates.




You know the frustrations, unloading all of your bags out of the taxi, locating the luggage trolly, pushing it through mass crowds of people, waiting in line to check your baggage, then paying large sums of money as you weigh it at the check-in counter.


That's just the beginning. Then you have to wait at the luggage carousel, load it up on a trolley again, go through security, have your bags checked, and pile it all back into a taxi to your destination. Talk about a headache!


With unaccompanied luggage, your bags are taken care of, door-to-door! This means seamless travel, with no backaches. We will give you a tracking number and you can GPS your baggage as it arrives with a friendly knock on the door at your next destination.

Great Customer Service


With most airlines, you risk the chance of lost or damaged luggage. To top it off, the customer service is usually horrendous, causing you to argue for 2 hours to get a credit for a spare toothbrush and clean underwear. Stats have also shown that most airlines will lie in favour of their company, making it hard to get your damaged luggage fixed.


With excess luggage, we understand that it can feel a bit nerve-wracking handing over your valuables to a shipping company. However, you are guaranteed great customer service, insurance, and are dealing with a professional company that has been shipping luggage for many years. 


Learn More About Excess Baggage Shipping


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